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Disputes Over WIlls, Trusts & Estates 

It is an unfortunate reality that many families find themselves embroiled in disputes relating to wills, trusts, and estate distribution issues.  The disputes commonly arise when it is discovered that an individual has used fraud, trickery, or undue pressure to manipulate an elderly or vulnerable victim.  

Victor Graves, PC has decades of experience investigating and prosecuting claims against persons who commit fraud and financial exploitation against elderly and vulnerable persons.  We litigate challenges to wills (also known as will caveats) and we recover assets improperly transferred into trusts. 


Free consultations are available for victims and family members. 

For more information about fraud and financial exploitation click here.  

What is a "Caveat"? 

In legal terminology, "caveat" is a word used to describe a court proceeding in which the validity of a will is challenged, often on the grounds that the will was procured by fraud or undue influence, or that it does not otherwise meet legal requirements.

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