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How Can Victor Graves, PC Help?

Stopping financial predators and recovering assets for victims is a primary focus of Victor Graves, PC's legal practice.  Victor has 25 years of experience helping vulnerable persons who have been financially exploited and defrauded by family members, business partners, and others.  Using aggressive investigative strategies, legal action and, when appropriate (and approved by the client), cooperation with law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies, we have helped clients recover millions of dollars in stolen cash, fraudulently transferred homes, businesses and other property. 

Victor Graves, PC brings the necessary resources and expertise to each case, and we focus on the interests and objectives of the victim.  We understand the complex family and emotional dynamics common in financial exploitation cases, and we work with the clients to ensure that their wishes are respected, and that they are protected against futher manipulation and abuse. 


 Initial Telephone Consultation is Free.

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