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Financial predators are opportunistic.  They are more likely to exploit victims perceived as vulnerable  and lonely than they are to exploit individuals who are protected by multiple, vigilant advocates.   A visible, informed and alert network of supportive and protective family and friends is the best deterrence.  


Maintaining regular and frequent contact with the vulnerable person and being on the lookout for warning flags is essential to stopping financial exploitation.  Visit the vulnerable person's home, call regularly, ask questions, and promptly investigate any suspicion of fraud or financial exploitation.  Remember, one of the first steps taken by financial predators is isolating the  victim so the financial predator can carry out its scheme without worry of intervention by vigilent family members and friends.  Denying the financial predator the benefit of secrecy is a powerful tool for preventing financial exploitation.  

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A key to preventing financial exploitation is quick and decisive action.  If warning flags are observed, avoid the impulse to assume innocent explanations.  Ask questions and if persuasive answers are not forthcoming, promptly seek help from the police, adult protective services, and a qualified attorney.  

WARNING:  Direct confrontation of financial predators can be dangerous.  We urge those who suspect financial predation to consult with law enforcement or a qualified attorney before confronting a suspected financial predator.  

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