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General Counsel Services for Small Businesses

Management of legal risks through a close working relationship with experienced counsel is essential to the financial success of every business, no matter its size.  Unfortunately, most smaller businesses don't have the budget to support in-house counsel operations and often "punt" on legal review until there is a crisis.  This approach

General Legal Services For Business.jpg

frequently results in needless, profit-draining litigation which distracts leadership from focusing on the business mission.  For a small business, litigation can lead to failure. 


Victor Graves, PC offers a balanced, cost-effective solution for small business legal needs.  We take a preventative approach to legal risk management by serving as general counsel to many of our business clients who seek guidance on routine matters.  Receiving sound legal guidance on routine, day-to-day issues allows our clients to increase focus on their business without the distraction of avoidable legal disputes and produces substantial savings.

Ask Victor Graves, PC how "Out-of-House" general counsel services can benefit your business.

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