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About Victor Graves, PC

After earning a juris doctor degree from the Catholic University of America, Victor Graves opened his first law practice in Ellicott City, Maryland in 1994.  For more than thirty years he has represented individuals, businesses, nonprofits and local government in  a wide range of legal matters.   

While many firms represent dozens, and sometimes hundreds of clients at a given moment, Victor has always focused on a low-volume, high-service approach to legal practice.  He rarely has more than twenty active cases which can range from routine matters to complex litigation.   Notwithstanding the firm's small size, clients benefit from Victor's ability to quickly scale-up resources by putting together teams of attorneys, investigators and experts.  


Although Victor continues to accept cases in a broad range of matters, a significant focus of the practice is representing businesses and individuals victimized by fraud.  The firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients whose claims range from a few thousand to millions of dollars.


Prior to entering law school, Victor worked as a surveyor and in construction related industries.   He has owned and operated several businesses including a nationally branded real estate franchise, a mortgage company, and a title company.  In addition to representing individuals, he has served as counsel to numerous  businesses, nonprofits, a Fraternal Order of Police lodge, and a full-service municipality.  

Victor has earned multiple awards for his volunteer leadership in community-based organizations.  He has served on the boards of nonprofits including Consumer Credit Counselors, and as a senior officer in his local fire/rescue/EMS department.  


Victor is available to speak to nonprofit organizations and others interested in learning about preventing financial exploitation of vulnerable persons. 

Victor Graves, BSBA, JD


Catholic University, Juris Doctor

Columbia Union, BSBA Cum Laude


United State Supreme Court

United States Circuit Court (4th)

United States District Court (MD)

United States Bankrupcy Court (MD)

Maryland (All Courts)

South Carolina (Inactive)

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